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Insta Designers By Dushyant Kumar is the pioneer who has been crafting marvellous pieces with a great sense of values and tones. This exquisite label has also produced ripples and received enormous affection for creating exquisite ensembles with conventional Indian colours, unparalleled finishes, experienced craftsmanship, and elaborate embroideries. The prime focus of the team is forever comforted whilst being in check with the most advanced styles in the wedding fashion industry.


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Insta Designers By Dushyant Kumar is a menswear studio based in Gurgaon and that has been a paradigm of amazing luxury and men’s style ever since 1963. They believe in developing the values of bespoke wedding wear through its artisanal expertise while designing sartorial classics with excellent quality. The brand continuously reiterates its styles in a meticulous manner to detail and with added fabrics sourced from overseas. Exclusivity is their motive as they are equipped with the latest technology and stock units to design bespoke Italian suits and menswear collection.


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